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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
Air Compressor Based
From whip/blast assemblies, to simple compressor fittings, small parts can yield big results when used in the right way.
Topics: 6 Posts: 10
6 10
Cable Driven Systems
A reliable method of duct cleaning which allows for a lower vacuum requirement. A separate cable rotates the brush for agitation (internal OR external to the vacuum hose). Commonly powered by your own cordless drill.
Topics: 12 Posts: 13
12 13
Trailer Mounted Systems
Purpose built machines for maximizing air flow at a level still acceptable for both residential and commercial ducts alike; servicing far longer and WIDER duct work. Is best complimented by physical agitation.
Topics: 2 Posts: 5
2 5
An ENTIRELY air driven duct cleaning machine, who's rotation is powered by vacuum. Best results obtained with 200+ CFM
Topics: 3 Posts: 5
3 5
Video Camera Inspection Systems
Having the ability to image the rarely seen, opens the door to jobs you may have otherwise missed out on. (At 30 frames a second, a video is worth 1.8 Million words a minute.)
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Portable Extractors
Carpet Cleaning machines which run on electricity, made up of medium vacuum (waterlift) and medium pressure (100-500psi) components.
Topics: 150 Posts: 466
150 466
Gasoline driven machines which power both high vacuum, (Mercury lift) and high pressure (2000psi+) components.
Topics: 70 Posts: 139
70 139
Upgrading the vacuum, is bigger better?
by Donald
The backbone of the carpet cleaner, one's wand transmits the power of the machine to the carpet, and can be finely tuned if needed. Posture Counts!
Topics: 45 Posts: 69
45 69
Hard Floor Equipment
Auto Scrubbers
Plug-in corded, battery operated, or "Zamboni" style Auto Scrubbers are available, and should be chosen based on square foot coverage-per-hour needs.
Topics: 3 Posts: 3
3 3
Floor Machines
Also called Floor Scrubbers, Floor Polishers, Buffers, this is a machine designed to apply high torque to multiple flooring surfaces. The same machine does MANY jobs by just a change of the head (see: brushes/pad driver/bonnets/sanding screens/buffing/polishing/honing/stripping)
Topics: 11 Posts: 23
11 23
After carpet cleaning
by Leiwu
Spinner Wands
Water pressure driven tile cleaning class of tile wands, which feature very narrow jets at a fixed angle, which drive the rotation, as based on input pressure. A 12inch standard surface cleaner is best used at 1200psi+ (although the wand jetting can be customized/configured to best match it's input water source.)
Topics: 36 Posts: 45
36 45
Tile and Grout Extractors
Very similar to your standard Carpet Cleaning Machine, but instead includes a high pressure 1000psi + water pump, while having the electric inline heater removed (as over 6000 watts of power would be needed to heat water effectively at such pressures).
Topics: 41 Posts: 63
41 63
Tile cleaning package for under $4300?
by Donald
General Chat
General coversation about the Carpet Cleaning, and Restoration industries
Topics: 189 Posts: 570
Last Post: On line scammers
189 570
Parts and Accessories
Electric water heaters span a wattage range of 900-2400 watts for portable extractors (beyond this wattage would require a 230V connection, or access to more than 20amps) And net a temperature increase between 8-30 degrees of "instant temperature". (Note: instant temperature does not factor for time the water has spent motionless through the assembly. When not in motion, a thermostat controls maximum temperature, commonly set to 190F)
Topics: 28 Posts: 46
28 46
Vacuum Hoses, Solution Hoses
Topics: 22 Posts: 34
22 34
Alternative to Kaivac vacuum hose
by Donald
Vacuum Motors
Much like a ceiling fan in design, a vacuum motor is comprised of one part electrical intake (rated with wattage) and one part rotating fan blade (rated by diameter). A Multi-Stage Motor, is one that has multiple blades mounted to a the same electric motor. Most Portable Extractors will feature either 2, 3, or 4 vacuum motors within a single machine, (each motor being either single, dual, or triple stage motors) Air flow is rated as both pressure, and volume, and HOW each motor is connected affect either whether you would experience higher Water Lift, or higher CFM.
Topics: 26 Posts: 38
26 38
what is the Tuthill Warranty on new blowers?
by Donald
Wand Glides
Carpet Glides aim to allow carpet wands to more smoothly glide over hard surfaces, and also selectively restrict airflow to net a small performance boost at the head of the wand, directly where it meets the fiber.
Topics: 3 Posts: 5
3 5
PMF U1560PA VS U156PB VS EDIC hand Wand
by Donald
Water Pumps
Diaphragm pumps cover pressure ranges from 45 - 200psi, (at 1-2 gpm) and Piston style electric pumps span a pressure range of 200 - 1500psi (1-2gpm). Followed by belt driven pumps covering up to 3000psi (at 1-4gpm), and ending with direct-engine-bolted pressure washers which max out around 10K psi.
Topics: 37 Posts: 65
37 65
Restoration Equipment
Air Movers
When determining your air mover needs, remember that an air mover's purpose is "drying" which in application is "Rapid Evaporation". A very wet surface has many factors that promote trying, and the more these factors get used simultaneously, the more quickly evaporation can occur. Axial Fans work to bring warm air from the ceiling down, (as warm air promotes drying better) while standard "Centrifugal" (Snail Shell) Fans aim for high CFM (as air flow greatly influences evaporation rates)
Topics: 9 Posts: 9
9 9
Air Scrubbers
Moving high air "volume" (different from air "pressure") through a HEPA (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) filter pulls airborne debris and contaminates out of the air. (Determining the cubic footage of the area to be filtered, and dividing that by the cfm of your air scrubber, will tell you how many minutes it will take for your machine to complete one full air exchange of that area.)
Topics: 4 Posts: 4
4 4
Restoration equipment designed to pull ambient moisture out of the air, (once evaporated, see Air Movers) and route that moisture out of the area. A dehumidifier's efficiency is based on the environment it sits in; it will perform best in high humidity/high temperature areas. As you approach the freezing point of water, the air loses it's ability to hold moisture, and efficiency drops to zero. A Condensate Pump will allow stored water to be pumped vertically (rather than just gravity alone), and a Humidistat would allow the user to activate/deactivate to preference (for times when a specific humidity level needs to be maintained).
Topics: 17 Posts: 18
17 18
Flood Pumper
Flood pumpers are suction machines designed for the quick removal, and transportation of standing water. Portable extractor versions utilize a sump pump within the waste tank, which becomes activated by the rising water level. For truckmounts, this commonly is not a separate machine, but rather a feature either built-in, or excluded from the machine's assembly. (See: Clutched pump / Exhaust Diverters)
Topics: 18 Posts: 19
18 19
Foggers come in two main varieties, based on which product you intend to fog with. If the product is of a solvent base, then you would need to heat it to make the fog, and as such you would need a Thermal Fogger. If the product is water based, then it can be made into water droplets, and instead you would want a ULV-Fogger (Ultra Low Volume).
Topics: 10 Posts: 10
10 10
Ozone Generators and UV emitters
Ozone is generated by passing an electric current over a media, and causing a free floating O (Oxygen) molecule to temporarily fuse to another free floating O2 (Di-Oxygen) molecule, and producing O3 (Tri-Oxygen, aka Ozone!) Care needs to be taken when applying the gas, as it is so powerful, it works on ALL organics (it is equally effective against cigarette odors, as it is against People, Plants, Pets, and ages Leather rapidly ) BUT! Ozone naturally turns back into its parts (Di, and regular Oxygen molecules) in about an hour, so there is minimal downtime. --- UV emitters however CAN be used in occupied areas, as they use Ultra Violet wavelengths of light to sanitize the air passed through the machine.
Topics: 5 Posts: 5
5 5
Technical Support
Chemicals / Usage
Difficulty cleaning that stain? Learn what chemical is appropriate for the job.
Topics: 54 Posts: 111
54 111
Cleaning the Fiber Itself
Help to identify the fabric that you're needing to clean, so as to not damage it with the improper solution.
Topics: 34 Posts: 103
34 103
What does "Dry Cleaning" mean?
by nrk1016
Installation and Repairs
Tips and Tricks for repairs, before it has to be replaced.
Topics: 166 Posts: 221
166 221
Portable looses pressure during use??
by Donald
Portable Machines
Problem with a portable carpet cleaning extractor that you can't diagnose? Grinding motors, or pressure drop?
Topics: 100 Posts: 278
100 278
Dual 3 stage Rotovac CFX VS Mytee 7303LX
by Donald
Shipping Questions
General information about Steambrite ships, and estimated costs / arrival times.
Topics: 39 Posts: 64
39 64
Starting a Business
Looking to start your own business, and don't know where to begin?
Topics: 68 Posts: 173
68 173

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  • Donald
    My new dehumidifier leaks!
    by Donald
    My new dehumidifier leaks!
    Dehumidifier with auto dump rarely actually leak. A couple of real causes are:
    1) If the entire unit was stored in a cold warehouse, you place a super cold housing in a 68 degree F humid job site, the entire housing, frame, internal components are all cold and...
    1 week ago

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    On line scammers
    by Donald
    This is a rather extensive list of customers that attempted to pull a scam on SteamBrite Supply.
    Here is a list of online scammers, fake purchasers, rip off artist. I am getting tired of people trying to scam us out of money so I figured I would at least post the fake information about these people...
    December 3rd, 2008, 02:45 PM